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Tekken 3 Arcade Game

Tekken 3 Arcade Game is a 3D preventing and action game that is developed and released by developer BANDAI NAMCO. At end of march during 1997 the ps1-based totally namco gadget 12 hardware developed.


Almost after 15 years of tekken 2, tekken 3 make changes on massive scale and also expand unique, planed and changed movement mechanics include encompass actual jumping  and the heavier awareness of side stepping and also modern tune is brought so that during game player can enjoy the music. The bonus abilties like brawler and recreation topic are delivered in the play station 1.

Tekken 3 Arcade Game was later in 1999 used as the cause for the invention of a spin-off game that is commonly known as tekken tag event. This also introduced both tag-team mechanics and from the preceding games maximum of the characters.



Tekken 3 Arcade Game


Locations in Tekken 3 Arcade Game

In tekken 3 like wise Character’s abilities and advancement in their skills the developers also put a keen interest toward the location of the game. The location play an important role for the visual aid and attract many audience who are getting bore from the action alone. So this attempt of choosing wonderful location put a strong imapct among the peoples. Following location are included in Tekken 3 Arcade Game which are as under.

  1. Carnival
  2. Taekwondo Dojo
  3. Grassy Land of Middle East
  4. Courtyard Laboratory
  5. Martial Arts Dojo
  6. Forest of Africa
  7. Skyring
  8. Tiger Dojo  from Tokyo
  9. Mexican Temple
  10. Street of Hong Kong
  11. Junky Mansion
  12. Beach Island


Tekken 3 Arcade Game


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