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Tekken 3 Game Characters

Tekken 3 Game in single direct link .It is an excellent action and combating game that you can play. By Playing game we came across alot of Tekken 3 Game Characters which are new and have alot of abilities and new advancement like volleyball mode, funniest hit, dynamic battles and various different moves for each players. Tekken 3 is the number one preventing game .This recreation is advanced by  BANDAI NAMCO.

Almost after 15 years of Tekken 2, Tekken 3 make changes on large scale in Tekken 3 and also develop unique, planed and modified movement mechanics example consist of real jumping  and the heavier focus of side stepping and also modern music is added. While the bonus skills like Brawler and sport theme are introduced in the Play Station 1.

Tekken 3 Game Characters

Tekken 3 game retains the same core combat system and concept just like it previous release i-e tekken 1 & 2, but in this game have many improvements including  significantly more detailed animations and graphics. Tekkan 2 has just 9 characters while Tekken 3 Game Characters increase by 15 and become 24 in this game.


Today in this articles we are going to tell you Tekken 3 Game Characters and their abilities in short.  As it is one of the finest video games of all the times, In this arcade recreation, you could pick out from your preferred characters to combat. Attempt the state-of-the-art Tekken 3. You can complete download free for Android Mobile, PC and Apk by clicking on the bold letters.

Tekken 3 Game Characters

Tekken 3 Game Characters

  1. Anna Williams

  2. Bryan Fury

  3. Dr. Bosconovitch

  4. Eddy Gordo

  5. Forrest Law

  6. Gon

  7. Heihachi Mishima

  8. Hwoarang

  9. Jack

  10. Jin Kazama

  11. Julia Chang

  12. Jun Kazama

  13. Kazuya Mishima

  14. King

  15. Kuma

  16. Lei Wulong

  17. Ling Xiaoyu

  18. Mokujin

  19. Nina Williams

  20. Ogre

  21. Panda

  22. Paul Phoenix

  23. Tiger Jackson

  24. Yoshimitsu



For the detail of each character visit the link given at the end.


Tekken 3 Game Characters Detail

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